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The study of diplomatic evolution is crucial because: a. It provides understanding about the conduct of diplomacy b. It shows how states fought the war 2. What is Mytho-diplomacy? The argument that God was the president b. The argument that God had diplomatic relations with the people c.

The belief that diplomacy is a God-given skill 3. Mary Kubica: Livres, Biographie, écrits, livres audio, Kindle

Hebrews b. Latin c. Greek d. Akkadian 4. Diplo means: a. Folded in four b.

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Folded in three c. Folded in two 5. True b. False 6. The management of diplomas became: a. Res diplomatica b. Diplomatic affairs c.

Roman Reigns

Diplomatic Corps 7. In the 18thC, diplomate referred to: a. An officially appointed state negotiator b. Ambassador c. Foreign Minister 8. Cancellarius: a. A doorkeeper at the Romans Law Courts b. A doorkeeper at the Carolingian Law Courts c.

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A Romans royal guard 9. John Locke b. Jeremy Bentham c. Karl Marx d. Friedrich Engels What are Amarna Tablets? Ancient diplomatic letters written in Assyrian b. Ancient diplomatic letters written in Akkadian c. Ancient diplomatic letters written in Greek d. Ancient diplomatic letters written in Persian The diplomatic language of the ancient Near East was: a. Egyptian b. Babylonian c. Akkadian d. Romans e. Persian f. Assyrian Amarna letters were diplomatic communications between: a. The Pharaohs and Syria-Palestine b. Kings of Babylonia and Assyria c.

Kings of Canaan and Hatti d. Kings of Mittanni and Babylonia The European modern diplomacy originated from: a. Greek, Romans, Italian and French systems b. Turkish, English and Prussian systems c. Russian, Dutch and Swiss systems Modern European diplomacy commenced developing from: a.

The Turkish City-States system b. The Greek City-States system c. Italian City-States system d.

Prussian City-States system The following diplomatic system was characterized by public negotiation. Italian b. Greek c.

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Romans d. French Proxenos is equivalent to the modern: a. Consul General b. Honorary Consul c. Ambassador d. Counsellor e. They introduced jus gentium and jus naturale : a. The Italians b. The Greeks c. The Romans d. The French The Duke of Milan founded the first known diplomatic mission in: a. Genoa b. Savoy c. French Banknotes Assignats, Banque de France, regions.

World Banknotes to date. Books shop Numismatic books. Accessories Numismatic accessories.

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