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Perception definition is - a result of perceiving: observation. How to use perception in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of perception.
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Recent Reviews:. Review Type. Date Range. It makes you feel that it is simple, better, faster because there is no clutter around. What if, for below 1 billion you could put a high-speed wi-fi on those trains, which would not reduce the duration, but would have improved the enjoyment you receive from your journey? So, in this case, you would still have 5 billion left and people will not only want that train to travel slower but will ask to remain for a while after it arrives at destination. Technical things make a tiny difference if you can create an individual perception of speed, quality or any other feeling that will stop the complaints.

Another great story by Rory Sutherland, shows how wrong we are sometimes and how perception changes everything.


Sometimes, when you land on a low cost airport, you have all the chances that the plane will not stop at the gate but a bus will come to pick you up. But then the pilot made an announcement which basically does not change the situation, but the way you perceive the information. He said:.

After years of flying, you suddenly realise that what he said was always true. Yet, for most of us on the flight, this was a revelation.

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When we arrived promptly at passport control we were, for the first time, rather grateful for the bus. Nothing had changed objectively — Spectator. In the end, even if you create something innovative, but it gives a bad perception to your end user, you can say that you probably have failed. Sign in. Get started.

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UX Planet. Designing Perceptions Instead of Solutions. Why a solution to a problem in the 21st century may not be the answer.

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Or is it? Would a faster train be the answer? Sometimes telling it in a different manner can change the way you see it Another great story by Rory Sutherland, shows how wrong we are sometimes and how perception changes everything.

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